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Help needed from movie buffs! x-posted

Ok, the girlfriend and I have a dilema. There's a movie that she really wants to see again but I don't know it. She doesn't know any of the actor's names, the title, or anything that anyone else might have been in.

This is the synopsis: two couples of husband and wife. One wife is a model, the other is a frumpyish home-maker. The model wife has always wanted to have kids but she can't, for whatever reason.
Frumpy wife is about to get hit by a car, but the model wife pushes her out of the way and takes the hit instead. What happends is the model wife's body ends up totalled, but her brain is still active and alive, while the other wife ends up getting brain damage from the push (er somethin).
Doctors tell the husbands that they can save the model wife by transplanting her brain into the frumpy wife, because she's toast anyway. Frumpy's husband totally refuses because he'd have to live in a world where he could see his wife, but it wouldn't be her.....refuses until he learns that the model tried saving frumpy's life, that is! So they do a transplant and the model wife lives in the frumpy body....there's some getting adjusted, but she can have kids now.

Ok, I'm going to leave it there because my girlfriend isn't home to correct anything that I'm wrong about, or to tell me how the movie ended. She thinks Sharon Stone might've been the model wife though, but we can't find the movie.

Now, WHAT IS THIS MOVIE? Thank you!!

P.S.She saw it on TV 15-20yrs ago, but doesn't think it was a made for TV movie.
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