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Narnia: The Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe

I went to see Narnia again yesterday and since I had already seen it, I was looking for the finer points that I had missed. Here they are, my list of Narnia Bloopers and cool notes:
1. Peter's sword is always clean. Even after he drives it into someone in the battle scene, it's perfectly shiny.
2. Mr. Beaver gives Lucy her handkerchief saying Mr. Tumnus gave it to him before he was taken. But at the end, Tumnus gives the handkerchief back.

And now, some cool things I noticed that make sense if you've read the books:
1. The wardrobe has an apple tree carved on the door. (The Magician's Nephew-The wardrobe comes from a magic apple tree)
2.In the battle scene, an aisan/middle eastern looking man fights for the witch. Calamarian anyone? (The Horse And His Boy)
3. Above Susan's throne is a picture of a horn. She's later referred to as Susan of the Horn.
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